Howdy, I'm Ben

I am a full stack developer that takes pride in my adaptability and resourcefulness when approaching problems. With a decade of experience in customer service and even more troubleshooting computers, I thrive as an interface between people's problems and technology's solutions.


My Projects


A platformer game built in JavaScript using Phaser3 and Tiled. The player must navigate through the vibrant forest and ominous caverns, avoiding environmental threats.

Teamwork Simulator

A collaborative whiteboarding app built in a week where users can register an account, create teams to be managed, and roles per team. Includes data modelling in Sequelize ORM and PostgreSQL to associate users with teams, members, and roles. Front-end developed using HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript, and Materialize CSS.


Full stack pet health management application built with two other developers where users can register their pets to an account to store/manage each pet’s data digitally, as well as find nearby veterinarians. Partnered with my teammates to develop wireframes and build a decoupled app. The key development piece I owned was the back-end database built using MongoDB and Mongoose ODM. Front-end developed using ReactJS .

Spring Again

Platformer game built with the Unity game engine in three days. Implemented player and world objects brought to life with C# scripting to control movement, sound, and animation.